Today's school rooms filled with technology, from pill computers and widescreen televisions to interactive whiteboards.

The previous few years have conjointly seen the event of huge open on-line courses, or MOOCS. suppliers like edX - that was supported by Harvard and also the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2012 - providing free on-line courses from the University of Technology within the Netherlands. The platform provides quite one, 900 courses and users from all over the planet.

As technology drives change in education, one in every sector's massive players is trying to stay pace with developments and encourage innovation.

"The digital medium offers," Albert film director, chief technology and operations officer for Pearson Education, told CNBC in an interview broadcast earlier on.

"The technology, ultimately, can enable individual education and learning skills .

At Pearson, film director, the vision behind the company's efforts to develop a worldwide learning platform, explaining that the concept was to "basically produce a model that has been used for digital native corporations."

"We're all familiar ... with the employment of Amazon for retail ... Netflix for TV and flicks, Spotify for music," he said.

"Those corporations have variety or remodeled their sector, the opportunity for the United States to form that international platform that can deliver all of our experience and experience around the world."

Machine-learning and computing (AI) area at the core of the platform. "It's a whole multi-device agnostic platform that is why we will deliver content to anyplace within the world," aforementioned film director.

"And it is also to reach the coed expertise, but conjointly provide the establishment, and the teaching college, and the coed is responding to it expertise."

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